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Which category of a Christian a you?

A story is told about a young boy who got to church one Sunday morning before official mass/ service time and started playing the church piano. His parents were probably busy that they never noticed their little son tamper with church instruments. Listen here, we have different categories of Christians. There are those that just attend service and leave. Then come back the following weekend. They don’t give a damn about what happens in between. This is where most of us fall. Then we have the more serious Christians. These ones are mostly church leaders and rightfully so. They are the ones who ensure that everything is in place for the normal running of the church. They ensure the House of God is clean, well arranged, they coordinate when guests are around, ensure the pastors are well taken care of…et cetera. By the way pastor hawezi hubiri vizuri kama hajashiba.


So mostly, the latter group will get to church early than everyone else and ensure everything is in place for the day. They also leave last. That is why church leadership is purely sacrifice. If you are not ready for the sacrifices, please pack and go. Better yet, don’t take up the positions. Let those who are ready, willing and able do. That explains my assumption that the young kid’s parent(s) were most likely running up and down trying to ensure that everything was in place for the service that was about to begin within a few minutes. Hence, they were not even aware what their son was doing but they knew he was safe. Where else can one be safe if not in the Lord’s House?

The other church members who had already settled on the pews did not like what the young boy was doing. To begin with, he never knew how to play the piano. So, he was just causing disturbance with the pathetic sounds he was producing on the piano. Some were probably meditating and reflecting. Those moments when one needs peace; externally and internally. Thus a few minutes before service was the perfect time. Too bad. Little man wasn’t having any of that. He just wanted to play his new found piano no matter how pathetic he was at it.

They tried to stop him by taking him away to the kids’ benches but that did not help much. He would come back again. They finally let him be albeit grudgingly. You know kids will always be kids.

How God works

Just about that time, the official church pianist walked in and occupied his space. Everybody sighed with relief. Finally, someone who plays the piano like his life depended on it (maybe it did) was around. They were now ready to listen to the best musical notes as they had always done on Sundays.

But wait. The pianist was not in any hurry. He never stopped the young boy from playing the piano. He actually encouraged him to go on much to the amusement of the congregants. He took his seat, moved next to the piano and started helping the young boy play. He whispered to him, ” press the buttons you can reach, I will press the ones you cannot reach”. Little man was happy. His little fingers and those of his new-found mate were now filling the church with wonderful heavenly music. That was the best music that was ever played in that church.

Do you know why? Because of these powerful words from the pianist, ” Press the buttons you can reach, let me press the ones you cannot reach”. The pianist, in his wisdom, knew that young kids need encouragement and guidance to bring out the best in them. He never reprimanded the young boy. He knew how to make use of his little fingers.

We are the young boy and life is our piano. The world is the congregation. God is the pianist. Life is vast and murky and the world is unforgiving. It is not understanding. It doesn’t give a damn. But God our pianist is walking in at the right time. Just when the world has had enough of us and wants to throw us out literally, he softly whispers to us and tells us to press the buttons we can and leave the rest to him. He will press the ones we cannot reach. And guess what is about to happen, the congregants will be treated to the best music ever heard!

That is what God is speaking to us today and always. Press the keys you can. Hizo zingine wachana nazo. He will press them. In our lives, in our work places, in our families, in our daily hustles, do your part. Allow others to also do their part. Help them if possible. Collaborate, team up, encourage, motivate, guide, mentor, nurture and lift others. We are all asked to do our part, then leave the rest to God. In his own time and comfort, he will press the remaining keys. And everybody will enjoy the music!

Have yourselves a blessed week people!

PS: Coming from a weekend, we need some motivation ama namna gani my frens? There you have it.

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