The Mechanic

The Mechanic part 20

The following morning, i woke up to flowers everywhere. Our suite was filled with different fresh flowers, I was still reeling from shock when Joe came in a with a tray of breakfast.

‘’Good morning princess.’’

‘’Good morning my love.’’

He set the tray down and kissed me on the forehead.

‘’Slept well?’’

‘’I could have if we had not had that fight.’’

‘’I am sorry, you can keep your job if that is what you want.’


‘’Yes babe.’’

I threw myself on him and kissed him all over the face.

‘’Slow down, we have room service.’’

‘’I don’t care, i am just so happy.’’

He got up and helped me to stand too, he gathered me into his arms and pulled me closer. The lady set down the last of the roses and excused herself.

‘’Anything to make my beautiful wife happy.’’

I took a deep breath and kissed the tip of my nose.

‘’Thank you, it means the world to me.’’

He carried me to the small couch in the room and set me down, my small sleeping gown had slipped up my belly. He ravished his eyes on me, hungry for me, hungry for us to connect the way we always did.

‘’I love you Diana, more than you will ever know.’’

My heart was already bursting, i held his head and pulled him closer to me for a kiss.

‘’I love you too Joe but right now i want my husband to make love to me.’’

The rays of the morning sun streamed in through the window. I turned and sat on him, straddling his eager member. I covered his mouth with mine, my fingers worked on the buttons of his shirt down to his pair of shorts.

I sat on him, and let his shaft fill me up, he held my waist tightly as we moved in rhythm, my husband and i were making love on the suite couch without a care in the world, it was all that mattered now, us, in this moment, moving up and down, enjoined together.

A few hours later, we left the suite to our house, we had decided to rent a new apartment where we could start building our memories and dreams together. When we got there, mother in law was waiting for us.

‘’How are the newly weds doing?’’

‘’We are fine mother, what are you doing here?’’

Joe quickly moved past her, we thought they were unpacking but they were actually packing our stuff.

‘’Mum, what’s going on here?’’

‘’We are moving you home.’’

‘’We talked about this, Diana and I want to stay here.’’

‘’Nonsense, i will not stay away from my grandchild.’’

‘’The baby is not even born yet, we are staying here.’’

Joe told the workers to stop packing and leave but mother insisted that we had to move back to her house. What had i gotten myself into?

‘’Mum, we would love to stay with the rest of the family but right now, what we need is just us.’’

‘’Where is your son, Diana?’’

‘’He is with my parents.’’

‘’Make arrangements for him to be brought to me.’’

‘’My mum said she will take care of him.’’

‘’He is apart of our family now and we are capable of taking care of him, make that call. And Diana, i make decisions around here, you can keep this little apartment, for now but i expect you to move into our home the soonest possible.

She left us alone and left her strong cologne lingering behind. What a first day of marriage.


Diana Mosoba

The Mechanic part 19

I felt like a stranger on my own wedding day. Joe and his mother had insisted on taking care of everything, occasionally calling my mum for a few ideas. From the theme to the decor to the food, even the cake was decided upon by my mother in law. She had some standard to uphold and was not leaving anything to chance.

My wedding gown was delivered to my house a day to the wedding, she had asked me what kind of gown i wanted. I should have stood my ground and planned my own wedding but i was too tired. Between the fights with Joe on what was best for us and the morning sickness, i just turned a blind eye and let her run the show. The gown wasn’t exactly what i had wanted but it was beautiful, not to mention expensive.

The cake had been ordered from the most exclusive baker in town, a 7 tier wedding with edible rose flowers. It was too beautiful. Despite how i felt and the sinking feeling in my stomach, everything else turned out beautiful. The chapel was decorated with rose flowers and lilies. A red carpet ran from the entrance to the front of the church with roses spread on it. A few rich people sat on side while my family and colleagues sat on the other side. A big arch filled with fresh flowers stood in the middle of the church where Joe and my parents met, it was an invites only affair, too elite for my liking. It was a short ceremony and in a few minutes, the guests were dancing and eating, holding flutes with borrowed etiquette and sipping juice with exaggerated sophistication.

It all went by in a blur, everything was happening too fast. I was now a married woman who had no idea how she had found herself here. My mother stayed by my side all the while worry in her eyes but masked with a smile.

That night, in our wedding suite, we had the biggest fight yet. It is like the anger and frustrations had been boiling and simmering and now the emotions were over flowing. Joe came out of the bathroom with a dashing smile and took my ringed hand in his,

”We did it babe.”

”Yeah, we finally got married, i love you Joe.”

”I love you too.”

He walked to the massive window overlooking the city then turned to look at me.

”I have been thinking.”


”Us, now that we are married, you should quit that job of yours.”


”I will take care of you, i am your husband.”

”what will i do at home?”

”Mum said we should move back home so that she can look after you and the baby.”

”Babe, i appreciate the offer but it is a no.”


”One, i am not quitting my job and i can take care of myself.”

”This is not up for discussion.”

”Since when do you make decisions for me?”

”Since we got married, this discussion is over.”

I felt it all come to the surface, the emotions i had been shelving, the anger that had been building up. They were treating me like i had no mind of my own.

”Listen to me Joe, you might be my husband but you don’t make decisions for me.”

”It is in your best interest.”

”No, it is in your best interest, so that you can control me.”

”Are we really doing this? On our wedding night?”

”Yes, we are doing it right now. I saw how you planned the whole wedding, making decisions for me, my opinions didn’t even matter. What you and your mother wanted was what mattered.”

He was equally getting worked up, i could see the veins on his face bulge and his heart race, he curled his hands into fists and it enraged me even more.

”What are you gonna do, Joe? Hit me?”

He moved too fast to where i was standing and raised his hand but stopped mid way. He took a step back and looked at me like he was seeing me for the first time.

”Go on Joe, beat the hell out of me like you always do.”

He shook his head and walked to the lobby with the bottle of champagne that the hotel had given us.

Shaking with rage and a mixture of emotions, i curled up in bed and drift to sleep……


Diana Mosoba

The Mechanic Part 17

When we got to the house, Joe was there with his mother.
“Joe, what are you doing here?”
He did not respond, instead his mother got up and walked to me. She took my hand in hers.
“Diana, he told me the good news. Come, sit with me.”
I looked at Carol, she winked at me. It was like I was a guest in my own house.
Joe’s mother sat from across me,
“Diana, we have to make swift arrangements before you are too long in.”
“What do you mean?”
She looked at Joe and Carol and asked them to make us some tea.
“The wedding, meeting your parents, we have a lot to plan.”
“Aren’t we moving too fast?”
She took a deep breath and took off her glasses. She wiped them with the pristine white clothe from their case.
“Diana, I have never seen Joe this committed to anything or anyone. He really loves you.”
“I know, but he hasn’t finished his therapy yet.”
“You didn’t know?”
She shook her head, but with a smile. She wore some sense of pride too.
“See, he is already changing because of you. I can’t thank you enough, my dear.”
Joe walked back with a pot of tea and Carol came with mugs and muffins.
We all sat in silence lost in our thoughts.
“I assume you are her best friend.”
“Yes I am, she is like a sister to me.”
“Good, then you and I are going to plan this wedding.”
Carol turned to look at me with a raised eyebrow.
By the end of the day, it had been decided that they were going to visit my family in 2 weeks time.
The weddings was going to take place a month later. They had tried to convince me to stop working and move into their palatial home but I refused.
I needed something to do, someone to be. I was not cut out to be a house wife. Not that my job was the most rewarding or paying much but it made me independent. This did not sit well with Joe but he really had no choice.
Two weeks later, we travelled up country to meet with my parents. My mom was particularly shocked that I had decided to get married so soon after meeting with Joe. I avoided meeting her questioning gaze.
She finally called me to her room and made me sit on her bed.
“What’s really going on with you?”
“I’m getting married, aren’t you happy for me?”
“He is not the one for you, I can feel it in my gut.”
“Mum, please.”
“I don’t know what’s going on with you and that man.”
“I am……”
“You are?”
“Pregnant for him.”
Her shoulders literally shuddered. She was now the one avoiding my gaze. I could sense her disappointment in me.
“Is that why those people are hurrying the wedding?”
“Diana, I think you are making a mistake.”
“You don’t have to marry him.”
“I uhm, the wedding invitations have already been sent out, mum.”
She came and sat next to me, I fought hard to hold back the tears but it was futile.
Part of me was scared stiff, part of me knew I was making a really bad mistake, part of me was elated, a little over the moon.
I was excited, I was marrying the man that I loved. We were having a baby, why then was there a sinking feeling sitted at the pit of my stomach?
My mum held my hands together and wiped my tears,
“I know you have your reasons, just know that I am always going to be here if you need me.”
I looked up and smiled at her.
“Now, there are too many people here today, celebrating this facade. Let’s go out there and put on a show.”
She nudged me with her elbow and smiled.
“I have a feeling this one will be a girl.”
“I am only a few weeks, how can you tell?”
“Because I am your mother. Look, I will make my own outfit, I don’t want handouts from your rich husband.”
“Mum, they are not handouts.”
“Normally, it’s the bride that plans the wedding, with her family. Not the other way round.”
“We were just helping, but she has done most of the planning.”
We both turned to look at Joe’s mother standing behind us.
“Oh Mrs….”
“Diana dear, you can mum too, you know, you are lucky you have 2 who care and love you.”
She was looking at my mum while talking to me. My mum folded her arms under her bosom.
“Mum, I will talk to you later.”
They had met for the first time and already they didn’t like each other. This was going to be harder than we thought.


Diana Mosoba

Spear in the heart part 3

TRM: “Hello”

Me: (My heart pumping as fast as possible, I can’t even breathe well, Marble is making gestures that I should play it cool, Clare is standing next to me almost opening her mouth with insults, Jacqiy is holding her bottle of warm water, looking at Ben as though he had killed someone. Marble is standing next to Ben murmuring while Ben is tossing his bear in one hand while the other one in his pocket, eating his lips and raising his eyebrows as though he is not shocked. Rose is a bit tipsy, walking around my kitchen, her hands on her waist as she rolls her eyes)

TRM: “Helloooo”

Me: (Composed) Hellooo

TRM: (I guess she is shocked to hear a woman’s voice) “Who is this?”

Me: “This is Doreen, Ben’s wife”

TRM: “Mmh! Sema”

Me: “Sorry, I know its late but…….”

Jacqiy: (In a low tone) “The hell…!!!!”

Marble: “Shhhhhhhut it Jacqiy”

Me: “Mmmh yeah it’s a bit late, but I wanna know something from you”

TRM: “Okay, shoot”.

Me: (Confused, shaking, sweating, wondering why I am having this damn convo with my husband’s side dish, but Marble tries to calm me down with gestures, I breathe in and out I am good, really? Let’s see)

“Are you and my husband mmmmmmh you know…… doing what you are not supposed to do?”

Clare: “Dee, what the hell is wrong with you woman? Unabembeleza hii Makodofia?”

Rose: “Give this that damn phone I deal with this bitch.”

(Ben walks out, heads to the dining table, but because I want him to listen and see how he reacts to this,I follow him, the battalion a.k.a Kamati, as usual, follow us.)

TRM: “Mhhh..  What did Ben tell you?”

Me: “Nothing really, eeemmmhh……”

TRM: “Then there in nothing, and don’t call me again please, I had a long day, not ready to deal with this right now” (Hangs up)

Ben: “Can I go now? I have a long day tomorrow, and all this drama is not helping, give me my phone”

“What the hell just happened? Did she just hang up on me?”

Ben leaves, with his phone. Nkt!

“Yes girl she did, because you let people do what they wanna do, that’s you Doreen.” Rose says.

Clare: “True girl, on this you scored zero.”

Jacqiy: “Doreen, needs prayers, I could have cut off her ass”

Marble: “Okay okay okay ladies, relax….. Doreen had to do what she had to do, but……”

Rose: “But what? “

Marble: “But…. nothing! Either way we need to talk some sense into this Makodofia”

Jacqiy: “Sure”

“Ladies, I have a suggestion, I have her number, we will track her down. Mmmmh I have a plan ladies”

Rose:  “Spill the tea woman”

“I will track her house, walk there with my head high then boom I will ask her, “Is your child my husband’s?”

Marble: “What? No no no, you guys might end up in a fight and she will sue you for trespass”

Jacqiy: “Marble is right”

Clare: “Doreen, I think you should involve the elders in this, that is if you are sure the child is Ben’s”

Rose: “Sure girl, call his mum and let her come over as soon as possible, this is beyond us now.”

We agree to burst the bubble, tell his whole village that he was having an affair and I am here, pregnant for his third child, who does that? Atajua hajui. Now the ladies have to go back to their houses, I bid them goodnight and they leave.

I go to my bedroom and starts to pack my bags, I make alot of noise but Ben is still asleep, I don’t know if he is pretending or what! i try to bang the wardrobe, but he is still a sleep. I try to throw some clothes on him. The boy wakes up, goes to the bathroom and comes back and sleeps as though nothing happened. Ever tried to pack your clothes to scare hubby but he doesn’t beg you to stay? It irritates, right? Anyway, i finish packing then leave the bags in my bedroom.

I walk to my daughter’s bedroom, move her to the far end of the bed, and I lie next to her. The night is long, I am full of thoughts, asking God why He let Satan take over my beautiful home. I massage my tummy slowly as I look at my daughter’s beautiful face as she sleeps. I switch off the lights and try to catch some sleep.

It’s morning, I am woken up by a tap on my shoulders…

“Mom, mom, you slept here?”

Trying to figure out where I am because I am not used to too much pink in my room.

“What? I did??”

“Yes, you did, on my bed”

“Oooh I forgot, I came here you were having nightmares so I had to sleep with you baby”


“No, Dela, I am serious, you screamed out ‘Mummy, there is a gorilla in my room. Mom please come help me, Moooooom’ and I ran so fast to rescue you my little munchkin”

Dela gives me that ‘You are lying’ look, okay I am embarrassed, really.

She goes to the bathroom, and comes back after few minutes in a shower.

She again gives me that “Please excuse me” look, this girl loves her privacy. You would think I bought her from the supermarket and I have never seen her nakedness. Hata hakajamea tumatiti but she hides from me when dressing. In my heart I want to remind her that this is my house, my husband built for me… But  Anyway, I leave.

I enter my son’s bedroom to wake him up to prepare for school. Myra is in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

“Darren, its morning baby boy,waky waky”

Boy wakes up, hugs me so tight and says “Good morning My Mommy”

“Good morning too my baby boy, come down, Myra comes in to help. I leave. To where? My bedroom of course. Here, Mr. Man is still asleep, fully dressed like he was yesterday, he is getting late for work, I haven’t prepared his suit, I haven’t selected and brushed his shoes. Should I wake him up and prepare his breakfast as I always do? This man must be really praying because the angels just landed and requested me to be a wife, again!

I pull the pillow he was sleeping on, he wakes up with “Babe what are you doing?”

“it is 6:30am, are you not going to work?”

“What? 6:30? Oh I am late, why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Like I am your alarm huh?”

He stands, removes his clothes, I mean everything, he is standing there looking at me as though he wants to grab me….slowly, the man I have hated for hours and even called him ugly is turning into a very handsome man that I walked down the isle with. Ooooh Noo. Doreen you are getting weak again, No, shetani ashindwe.  My ovaries start to twerk, I am excited, he awakens the little girl in me, I am on the moon, I am that weak, right? I mean this is my man, the father to my children, I have been with him for so many years, there is that connection that can never be broken. Again I am pregnant, so my blood is hot, kwanza 1st trimester, I need him like yesterday. He comes closer, touches my hair, holds my hand, pulls me closer to him, I can’t resist guys, this is my Man. I move closer, hugs him tight, he unhooks my bra, I feel his not-so-soft hands all over my body, its electrical you know, kisses on my neck as he goes down on me, is this what people call cloud nine? Oooh boy, this is exactly what I wanted.

We all fall apart like some two sacks of maize.

“Ooh My God, I love you boy” (sigh)

“I love you too baby girl”

“Huh, it’s 7am honey, you will be caught in the traffic”

“Hehehe I know, but my wife comes first” (sigh)…. Anyway,Let me shower”

He walks to the bathroom. I wear my dera quickly and start ironing his shirt, I am all smiley, I brush his shoes quickly, he is done with showering, he comes back, puts on clothes as I run to the kitchen to get him a cup of  tea, 6 slices bread and 2 eggs. In the corridors I meet my kids done with preparation, I kiss them goodbye as they head to the gate to wait for their school bus with Myra.

I am back in the bedroom with a tray holding his breakfast, I find my husband ready, he takes his breakfast as I am lying on our bed wondering what I am gonna do because truth be told I love this man, so much and I never want to be away from him, he looks at me with a smile, he is so damn handsome, with a nice body. He is done with breakfast, holds my hand and says…

“I am gonna miss you the whole day, maybe we can meet at lunch hour”

“Not so fast Ben, I am still hurt”

“I am sorry Love to have put you through all this, I will make it up to you, I promise”

“Does this mean its true that girl was in your life and her kid is yours”

“No, I didn’t say that, let’s have a lunch date, I will tell you everything”

“Okay fine, I will be there, today I am working half day because I have an appointment with Doctor Walela regarding my headache”

“What? You are sick? And you didn’t care to tell me?”

“No, am not sick, it is just because I cried too much yesterday and I took too much alcohol, I have to ensure that the baby I am carrying is not affected”

“Again, I am sorry! I will see you at lunch hour, Love you”

“Love you too”

Kisses me so deeply, and then leaves.

I am here, alone….. What a beautiful morning, what just happened? Is this what women call “being Dickmatized well well?” You even forget he hurt you. This man is smart, and he knows my weakness. The hell.

After seeing Dr. Walela, I am good, baby is doing just fine. I call hubby, then I proceed to his office in Upper-hill which is not far from Dr. Walela’s Clinic. It is actually a walking distance. I find him standing next to his car, twisting his lips as though he wants to bite me, I walk straight into his arms, he literally covers me in his arms as I lean on his wide chest. I feel like the luckiest woman in the whole world.

“Hey Ben, I can see you guys are having fun” says a lady from nowhere

“What are you doing here?” Ben asks her

“Seems you forgot I have an office on this building huh?”

“Excuse me miss, do I know you?” I interrupt

“No you don’t, but your beloved husband knows me”

“Ooh Okay, mind telling me your?”

“Theresa, Theresa is my name, nice meeting you, Ma’am”

She stretches her hand to reach mine, I am reluctant but I shake her hand anyway.

“Mmmh…. uh, mmh aah…. nice to meet you too, Theresa.”

My mind races, could Theresa be the T in “TRM”??? Hold on Doreen, relax…..

Ben is restless, scratching his head, when he does this, I know that something is wrong somewhere.

“How do you know Ben?” I ask.

“We work in the same building and………….”

“Stop it Rose, just stop this nonsense”

Rose?????? TRM? Theresa? Rose? My dad really took me to school and I am not stupid, this must be the bitch that is breaking my home.

“Ooh you are Theresa Rose?” I turn to hubby, “ Honey, is she the one?”

“Yes, I am the one”

“You really have the nerve to talk to me like I was your peer? Baby girl, do you really know I am? Do you?”

“I do” (she answers with her red lips sneering.

“Rose, I am not ready for your drama, just leave” says Ben

“Ooh now you are asking me to leave huh? I am the bad one here”

“I said Leave, and don’t talk back at me”

By now I am just listening, my hands shaking, roho inadunda almost inatoka nje. I keep my cool anyway because of the respect I have for my husband. See, I always make noise when in the house, but outside, I have to let him keep the crown.

“When you were in my bed, you never asked to stop talking back to you.”

Ooh God, is she nuts? Who does that? This woman is crazy……. By now we are attracting the crowd, it’s lunch time you know. She starts to shout at my hubby, calling him names, all sorts of names, I am actually enjoying this game, I rush to whatsapp group to update my girls “Ladies, nyoka ametoka pangoni, I finally met the idiot”

Like they were just waiting for the heads up…. I give them the ‘tea’ step by step of the happenings. Madam TRM throwing words at my husband who keeps asking me to get in the car, I refuse. “You made this bed honey, just lie on it.” I tell him.

“This is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire life. I have to fix this, but not now, and not here, we have to leave babe, my bosses will be out soon.”

Hearing about the bosses, I accept because this job feeds my family. I enter the car and we drive off leaving TRM running towards our car. From the side mirror I can see her removing her cheap shoes and throwing them at us, her handbag is already on the flow with fake make up from River Road, as her friends or is it colleagues try to hold her. Girl is throwing her legs in the air. How embarrassing? Hubby is silent, clearly we are at 120KM/H, on a two way traffic road, from Serena Hotel to St. Pauls Catholic Church.

We are in the car heading to town, he is not saying anything but scratching his head and focusing the eye on the road. We are at the University of Nairobi roundabout, when  I receive a call from his mum.

Me: “Hello Mum”

“Hello my daughter, how are you and the family?”

“We are doing fine Ma, you?”

“I am good too, I have sent somethings for you at North Rift Shuttle please go and get it in the evening”

“Wow, Mum tunashukuru sana, that is so nice of you, we appreciate a lot, please send the details I will have them picked in the evening”

“Okay, greet my grand-babies and my son. I am praying for your family and we miss you so much”

“I will Ma, I will pass your regards, bless you Ma”

I am done talking to Mama, I turn to Hubby…..

“Mum says Hi and she has sent some mzigo from upcountry”


Silence continues.

“Ben, are you serious right now?”

“About what?”


“Look, my head is not working, so please don’t start”

I give him that look, Is he serious??? Anyway we are approaching home but I request him to take me to Two Rivers, he refuses, so we proceed for home. We are at home, I alight, straight to my bedroom. He comes, gets into the shower, comes back. Puts on his T-shirt and a short then joins me in bed.

“You know what Doreen, I have made many mistakes but this one is the biggest, I never knew it would come to this, I never knew I was dealing with a psycho, but now I see the light. You see…..”

“Are you the father of her child?” I interrupt


“You sure?”

“Yes, and I can confirm to you”


“I know her baby daddy”

“Mhh, interesting, spill it”

“It is Mike, my friend from college”

“Wee we we wait, Which Mike? Mike Kyalo?”

“You got it”


“Theresa used me to get back at Mike, I knew it when it was already late”

“What the Eff! Go on…”

“She came to the office and requested the receptionist to see me, she said she was looking for a job since she was a single mother and was not receiving the child support from her baby daddy, she never told me who her baby daddy was though. I had to secure a place for her, in her current office, same building as mine. From there we kept the friendship, started going for lunch together and in December we went for a Road trip, you remember I told you?”


“Yeah, we went for hiking, when everybody was ahead climbing the mountain we were left behind and she hit her leg on a stone, she started bleeding, while attending to her, she looked in my eyes straight and kissed me”

My heart skips. I don’t know if I should believe him or not. Anyway I let it slide.

“…and you responded to the kiss?”

“The devil babe the devil….”

Why do men like involving the devil in their shenanigans? I really don’t understand how a woman can force a man to kiss her then few days later he is in her Ben groaning like a pregnant hippo.

“Babe, please leave the devil out of this, how now?”

“I don’t know how I fell for her charms. It just happened but I swear I met her when her son was a year old. But, honestly babe,  I AM REALLY, REALLY SORRY.”

At least I am relieved that he has not planted some seed out there, although in western we always wait till a man dies for you to know how many kids he has out there, for now, Ben is a father of 2 babies, Delance and Darren and one unborn. I am calm, I remember how my mum used to tell me that marriage is not a bed of roses and I have to “Vumilia” to keep my home. But then I broke the rule of “don’t touch your husband’s phone because whatever you are looking for, you will find it there.” At least I knew here was thorn in my marriage and the thorn removed itself. A psycho she is.

I forgive my husband then start unpacking the bags. We made love, some real good love, nothing beats makeup sex, for sure it is made in heaven. We slept.

Woke up at around 6pm, together with our children, we went to town to pick what my Mother-In-Love had sent. Potatoes, bananas, onions, kienyeji vegies, mangoes, sugarcane, dried chicken, ovacados etc.

I leave to remember this day, and we lived happily ever after.

Doreen Shikuku

The Mechanic part 6

My parents always come to the city every once in a month for a week for their clinics. On Sunday they came and as usual, they picked my son. I was now alone in the house with a hangover and boredom to kill. I toyed with the idea of going to Joe’s place for a while, finally, i called him.

”My queen, you are awake.”

”Hey, been awake for a while now.”

”Sema babe.”

”My folks took Jake and i was wondering if i can come over maybe?”

”Babe, you do not have to ask.”


”Yeah, whenever you feel like, just drop by.”

”Oh okay, i will take an uber, be there in a few.”

”I will come to pick you.”

”It’s okay, i can take an uber.”

”No! You are my woman, it is my responsibility.”

I am his woman? Wow! I had not had anyone claim responsibility for me in a long time and it felt kinda good. Joe was letting me be a woman and he was making it clear that he was in charge. I was so used to being the one in charge of my life and my son’s, i felt a little vulnerable but this is Joe we are talking about.

”Diana, Are you there?”

”Uhm, yeah, i am here, okay. I will be ready when you get here.”

”Maybe pack an outfit for tomorrow? You can spend the night here.”

”Are you sure?”

”100% sure, see you in a few.”

I packed a few essentials that i would need and dressed up. I made myself a fourth or fifth mug of coffee and settled on the couch as i waited for Joe. Almost two hours later, he arrived and off we went.

”Maybe we can order take away.”

He turned to look at me like i was unbelievable.

”I will cook, anything for you my queen.”


”Yeah, i am not big on takeaways, i would rather cook for myself.”

”I will help you cook then.”

”Perfect, this is going to be perfect.”

I slept through the remaining drive back. He woke me up at the parking lot. He had bought beef and veges. We were alone in the elevator, he had the bag of groceries in one hand and my bag in the other hand.

“You are beautiful.”

I ran my fingers on his chest momentarily touching his small nipples, he covered my lips with his, it was the kiss that took my breath away, he kissed me like a goddess, the goddess of lust, my hands quickly went to the back of his head.

He set the grocery bag and my bag on the floor and drew me to him,  his arm firmly around my waist, he brought my face up to him, we were lost in the kiss, surrounded by concrete and glass. We kissed like hungry ravens feeding on hope. I was out of breath, his fingers slipped into my shirt and rubbed my back, he circled my stomach and brought them up to my tits, he rubbed my nipples through my lace bra, they hardened with his touch. He pulled back and bit his lip. I unzipped his trouser, ”Babe, what are you doing?”

”Finishing what you started.”

The Mechanic I kissed him, he leaned against the glass wall, i ran my fingers across his manhood, i felt the warmth of his manhood stretch against my fingers, his breathing intensified.  He swallowed hard, he was conflicted, he wanted me to stop but not stop. When the elevator pinged and stopped, i stopped touching him but did not move, the doors opened and the caretaker was standing there. He looked at us suspiciously before stepping aside for us.

He put the grocery bag in the kitchen and my bag on the bed then walked to me,

”You asked for whatever that is coming your way.”

”Maybe i wanted whatever that is coming my way.”

He pushed me against the wall, I giggled as his tongue went to my tits, my lace bra was a little wet, my nipples hardened in his mouth. I wound my legs on him as he leveled himself on the wall while supporting me. His kisses dipped from my tits, to my navel, his fingers gently rubbed my slightly grown pubic hair as they explored the warmth of my inner thighs, I trembled a little as his shaggy beard rough on my petal skin aroused me more, his fingers opened my throbbing flower, my lips pouted out, he slid one finger in and slowly pulled it out. He did that severally before sliding his tongue in. I saw the stars dance on the breaking sun, the rainbow danced above my head, his tongue went in and out, his long fingers firmly on my bum. I gripped him with my legs drawing him closer, there were waterfalls of my sweetness pouring from my pleasure pot, I was ecstatic, beyond the simple clouds they call nine, I was in the complex of the most complex clouds, his tongue was my guide. I trembled and spammed. The clouds hanged precariously over the sea of unknown pleasure. I was buried deep within the debris of sweetness, I felt my muscles tighten I clung to him for dear life, he was having a hard time supporting me on the wall as i squirt an ocean on his face.

He carried me to his bed and lay me down slowly. He helped me out of my dress, he unhooked my bra as his fingers stroked my tits. I was so aroused my entire body was burning. He twirled his tongue around my nipples as his fingers circled my haven. He kissed me and went lower to the center of my being. Listen, this is when i come face to face with Delilah, and Mary and all the noble women in the bible because again,  i understood why Eve ate the apple, it had the gateway to glorious orgasms. I was lost in my own pleasure, buried in the deep debris of ecstasy. If Joe had asked me to marry him then, my answer could have been, ”Yes baby, please don’t stop.”

I was gone, gone beyond the clouds. This man had a blessed tongue. His tongue sent shock-waves all over my body. I climaxed, shook like a volcano and erupted, again and again until i had no strength left in me, but that did not make him to stop. He was determined to drain all the energy in me, and so he kept going, twirling, nibbling, licking and sucking the life out of me, each time i thought i could not surpass the previous eruption but each time was a new experience. He lay next to me watching me catch my breath. He had taken me to a pleasure trip through the clouds and rainbows and now was my chance to show him what had befallen Adam.

I ran my fingers gingerly on his bare chest. I snuggled closed to him, and licked his nipple, it was small and I felt it harden in my mouth, he gasped for breath as I rubbed myself on him slowly trailing down his groin with my tongue. My hands massaged his butt, firm and athletic, it felt good to the touch. I slowly ran my fingers on his erection, I bent down, his toes were tightly curled up. I rubbed his shaft up and down in steady strokes, I then took it and led it to my mouth and licked the tip while rubbing his balls, he moaned slowly. I let a little saliva drip on him and continued to rub while taking a little more into the mouth, I was taking time, I pulled the shaft back and sucked it back slowly. I blew hot air around his balls, I took them into my mouth and nibbled on them gently. I chewed on them with my tongue. He moaned and held on to my head tight, I licked it from the tip and made my way to the bottom slowly, he jerked forward as my fingers stroked after my tongue. I finally took it in my mouth, I felt it at the back of my throat. He gasped for air and at that moment I knew he was conversing with Adam and Eve. I moved my head up and down, eyes closed, fingers on his balls. I was giving him the ride of his life. I felt him build up, I pulled out and pushed his shaft back to delay his juices from gushing. His eyes were tightly shut, I smiled as I led his whooper back into my mouth, “ohhh!” He gasped as I deep throat it. My speed increased and as he built up again I pulled out and pushed back his shaft, he was now calling me those names that Mexicans use in the soap operas. I was now his queen and princess, the cream in his cake. The barley in his beer. The wheat in his bread. He was sweating and heaving as my mouth worked up and down like payday was nigh. I felt him swell up again but this time I did not pull out instead I stroked after my tongue, he gushed out as I pulled out on time. Thick and creamy. He opened his eyes and looked at me with a smile, his hands slumped on his sides.

I just wanted to feel him deep within me. I wanted to feel his massive cock fill up every corner of my throbbing kitty. I sat on him legs stretched and rubbed the tip on my lips, he wanted to go in but I was dictating the terms. He sat up and pulled latex from the bed side drawer bag, i took it and winked as I rolled it up his majestic mighty whooper, I slid into me with ease. I dug my fingers into his back, I was not fucking him but rhyming with the serene waterfall, up and down, slowly, I twirled my waist like I was dancing chakachaka and moved like the twerkers in the Jamaican videos, his deep moans drowned by the ticking of the clock, he held on to me so tightly as I increased my tempo. I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip, he flipped me over like a slap of water, folded my legs to his chest, one leg firmly bent on the bed, he thrust into me slowly, I begged him, ordered him to give it to me. Cloud complex was no longer hanging over the sea, I was basking under the sea, the sun kissed me over the water. I was far and beyond ecstatic, I arched forward as I neared the climax of the game, I spammed with each thrust, I rubbed his butt sensually, that drove him crazy, the sound of his slapping balls against me sounded good to the ears, “cum with me babe…” his breathing labored, a streak of sweat rolled down his forehead, I closed my eyes as my tight muscles gave way to our might cum. He heaved, I moaned almost convulsing, we climaxed together. He remained edged in me for a few seconds before withdrawing his flaccid member out. He smiled broadly as he rolled off the rubber, he got up and went to the bathroom, he came back with a towel and wiped me clean. I was exhausted, his sweat clung to me, i held on to him with all my strength, he held me like a flower. We fell asleep, hearts beating together, in unison, we were right for each other, or did the universe have something else in mind.


Diana Mosoba





The Mechanic Part 5

I normally spend my weekends at home playing and watching telly with my son. But not this past weekend. Joe picked me up on Saturday morning.

”Where are we going?”

”I have no particular destination.”

”You are being mysterious again, aren’t you?”

”Let’s say i am being adventurous.”

”Okay, just so you know, i am not complaining.”

”Diana, i have been meaning to ask you something.”

”Okay, ask away.”

He took a deep breath, like he had been holding his it.

”Uhm, i have been thinking, i know we don’t know each other that well but..”

I turned to look at him, he seemed nervous and a thin sweat was breaking on his brow. He looked at me for a split second before blurting out,

”I have fallen in love with you.”

There was total silence in the car and for a split second, i couldn’t breath.

”Damn it, i just blew it, didn’t i? Diana?”

”No, it just came as a surprise.”


”Yeah, i really like you, Joe.”

There was that old cheer in his eye again.

”So, you think we have a chance?”

”I am not saying we don’t.”

”Diana, you have no idea how happy this makes me.”

”I am happy being here with you.”

“And that is all that i wanted to hear.”

He drove to Ngong.

”Have you ever zip-lined before?”

”I have never had the courage to.”

”Me too, can we try?”

”I am not sure, but hey, hell yeah, let us do it.”

We spent part of the morning zip lining, hiking. It was the most fun outdoor activity i had done in a long while. By noon, i was furbished and tired but feeling good about it. he had packed a picnic blanket and some food for us.

”Why don’t you come to the club later today and watch me spin?”

”Are you sure?”

”Are you kidding me? I will dedicate the show to you, my queen.”

There was nothing to think about.

”Sure, i’d love that. Can i bring my best friend?”

”Of course, you don’t have to ask.”

My Saturday bonding session with my son watching his favorite cartoon was once again postponed. He dropped me home and promised to pick me up later that evening.

My best friend Carol was in the house waiting for me. She followed me to the bedroom and plopped on my bed. My son was asleep in the other room.

”Who is he?”

”Who is who?”

”The man you are hanging out with?”

”His name is Joe.”

”I knew there was a man, come on, spill the details.”

”Easy now chic.”

”I need the details, mama, start.”

”His name is Joe.”

”You already said that.”

”What do you want?”

”Finer details. Where did you two meet? What does he do?  Have you given it up?”

I rolled my eyes and took off my leggings.

”Oh my God! You already did.”

”Did what?”

”You know what i mean.”

”He is a mechanic.”

She choked on her glass of juice.

”Say what now?”

Carol is like a sister to me. The sister i never had. We tell each other everything. It was almost 5 when my son woke up and Carol and i were still talking about Joe.

“He is picking me at 7, get ready.”

”You want me to be a third wheel?”

”He is working as a DJ.”

”Oh, okay, a mechanic who is a dj!”

”Are you judging him? Oh my God, you are judging him.”

”No, i am not. I will take a nap now, wake me up at 6.30.”

”Okay, boss.”

I took a quick shower and went to play with my son.

At exactly 7, Joe called me that he was outside waiting for us.

I was in a black dress, mid-thigh, bare back with golden high heel sandals. They say you can never go wrong with black, right?

”Hey queen, you look gorgeous.”

”Hey, you equally look good. This is my best friend Carol, i told you she was coming.”

He extended his hand to shake her, ”Joe, i am Joe.”

He turned to me, ”I hope you are ready to have fun.”

”I was born ready.”

Somewhere along Kiambu road, in one of the well known clubs, that is where he works.

It is a high end club, i was glad i dressed up. He led us into the club where a table had been reserved for us near the dj booth.

”Iam going to set up my stuff, order for whatever that you want. I will be back.”

Carol turned to me as soon as he left.


”Yeah, why not?”

”How well do you know this guy?”

”Enough to know that i like him and he likes me too.”

”Don’t you think you are taking things a little too fast?”

”I am here to have fun, not to be judged.”

”You know i am just concerned, that is all.”

”Then be happy for me.”


”Can we just have fun tonight?”

”Okay, queen.”

The night in itself was perfect. We had fun, Joe came by as much as he could. We danced and drunk and ate.

”We going back to my place?”

”What about Carol?”

”I will drop her at home.”

”I have had too much to drink, i just want to go home.”

He looked at me so intently, there was that flash of anger in his eyes but quickly disappeared. He clenched his jaw in a suppressing attempt and forced a smile.

”No problem, i will drop you home.”

The drive back to my place was silent. None of us had anything to say, or is it because we were drunk? He opened the door for us and left after ensuring we were inside the gate.

I may have been drunk but i noticed his anger, maybe it is something i could deal with when sober, for now, i just needed my bed.


Diana Mosoba

The Mechanic

The mechanic (part 2)

When I woke up yesterday morning, a little earlier than I normally do, I was undecided on what to wear. A black skirt with a red blouse? A blue trouser with a white shirt or my power look black jumpsuit? After battling in my head for close to 15 minutes, I finally chose the black jumpsuit with black heels. You see, this jumpsuit gives me the confidence of a gazelle dancing in front of a lion, because it can out run him. It accentuates my curves, and gives me the appeal of a corporate woman. It brings out the soft yet masculine touch within me. Truth is, I sit in an office with no air conditioner although we sell some. So I am far from corporate.
All through the morning, my mind was on the lunch I was about to have. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in love with Joe, no. I don’t even know if I like him that way yet, but I found his company to be interesting and that perhaps was what I was looking forward to. How can I like someone I spoke to for about 2 minutes? Crazy, right?
Finally, I walked out of the office and sat at my usual, he was going to join me any time soon. I kept glancing around but he did not show up. I took my food a little dismayed.
Mama mkamba saw me looking around and she came over,
“Unangoja Joe?”
“Huh! Hapana.”
“Naona vile huwa anakuangalia na jana pia mliongea.”
I smile, I feel exposed.
“Unajua wewe ni mrembo sana, be careful na hawa vijana wa hapa.”
She walked away and left me in the jungle of my thoughts. Did she know something that I didn’t? I ate the remaining of my food in silence and left.
Why was I disappointed? It’s not like Joe had said he was interested in me! I immersed my energy in work and even responded to mails that I had been promising to respond to in a while. At almost 5, our receptionist called that I had a client. I rarely had meetings at this time because my mind shuts at 4:30, ready to close office and call it a day. Anyway, when someone comes all the way to your office to see you, whether or not they had an appointment, the most logical thing is to give them audience.
I walked down the small mabati stairscase and there at the center of the room was Joe. In blood and flesh. He was not in overalls, no. He was in brown khaki pants and a blue shirt and black shoes.
“Diana, you look really good.”
“Joe, what are you doing here?”
“I’m here to see you.”
“Errrr, okay.”
“Can we talk?”
“Maybe after work?”
He looked at his Curren watch,
“it’s only a few minutes to 5, can I wait for you outside?”
“What did you want to talk about?”
“I guess we can do that over coffee, what do you say?”
You know that breath you have been holding on for long without knowing it? I released one of those.
“Okay, let me get my bag.”
I walked back up to my office, I could feel his eyes on my back. I found myself smiling at nothing. There was a falter in my heart too, but it’s just coffee, I reasoned. I had to be home by 7.30 because there is a program my son loves and he loves watching it from my lap.
I packed my bag and closed my office. Good thing with where I work is that, I do not have to explain to my boss when I am leaving.
He was leaning by a very old model of a Benz, but it looked new to me, because of how it had been maintained. Silver, pristine and shining. The seats made from leather, grey in color.
“I hope you like my car.”
“Oh, he is a beautiful beast.”
“He is strong too.”
There was no traffic, and in about 10 minutes, we were tucked somewhere along Mombasa road, it wasn’t an ordinary date of coffee, no. He took me to a virtual gaming room.
“Been here before?”
“If seeing this from outside is being here, then I guess so.”
“You have a funny bone, not quite the word, but let me just say you are cheeky.”
“I am modest.”
“I didn’t say you are not.”
And for the next 2 hours, I experienced the most crazy virtual gaming ever. Story for another day. I completely lost track of time.
“Joe, I have to go.”
“Why? What’s the rush?”
“I have to be home by 7.30.”
“No, my son. There is a program we watch together and I wouldn’t want to miss.”
“Oh okay, I get it. I can drop you.”
I wasn’t sure I wanted to invite him to my home just yet. Don’t judge me, but my home is my safe haven, my little heaven. Am I wrong to be selfish with who I invite?
“Thanks, but I will take an uber.”
“Are you absolutely sure?”
“Positive, by the way, you look so different from your overalls.”
“I will take that as a compliment.”
My uber arrived in about 5 minutes.
He hugged me, a little too tight, his Hugo boss classic cologne filled me up, all the way to my torso. I found myself lingering in the hug a little longer, maybe longer than intended but have you smelt that cologne?
“See you tomorrow beautiful.”
“See you tomorrow, Joe.”
And now, I can still smell that cologne. It got me thinking. There will definitely be another lunch, or game or coffee, he is unpredictable, that I can already tell, but I can’t wait for the next.


Diana Mosoba

The Mechanic

Where I work, it is a whole lot of street full of mechanics. If you step out of my office, chances are that you might step on a mechanic. If you trip and fall, a mechanic will help you up. I am not a mechanic; I just work in a company that sells solar products. On this road, like any other, there are several food places. I can’t quite call them hotels or restaurants or even cafés because they are nothing close to these.
On the far right, under a guava tree is one such eatery. The ‘chef’ popularly known as Nic is such a happy and jolly fella. He cooks the tasties mandazi on the street and sells them at 5 bob. His food though is bland. No taste, hardly any salt but he has the most of mechanics eating there because of his fair prices.
Next to him is a make shift kibanda. This one has benches and a table. Where Nic sells a plate of beans and chapati for 60 bob, here the same goes for 70 bob, maybe because they have a wooden table, I wouldn’t know.
Next to her is another make shift. Actually, two. They share tables and chairs, the way chicken inn and pizza inn do. But their kitchens are a tad different. When I say kitchen, I don’t mean an actual kitchen, no, just space besides a wall, where there are several jikos lined up against the stone wall, let us call it an open kitchen for now. Most women go here, because it has plastic tables and chairs? And big umbrellas? Your guess is as good as mine. The food is well cooked, tasty too with a big bowl of kachumbari sitting at the center, the kachumbari has more pilipili than all the debts Kenya owes China, you get the drift? Me too. Here, most men come as well, because the lady who serves them has a behind that rivals Vera sidika, big and round. She knows they ogle all the time so she dresses in short tight skirts. If your man works along this street, it is either he comes home with a hard on after eating here or he wanks off at the yard.
Then there is yule mama mkamba. Hers is right outside my window. When she cooks, I suffer, and most of the times from constipation. She cooks omena on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I suffer good people, I suffer. This is where I mostly eat, because it is right outside the office. I mostly eat green peas and rice or chapati. The four tables make a small circle. She knows all her customers by name.
I always see him, the mechanic, I know he is a mechanic because of his dirty overall. You may expect dirt and oil beneath his fingers, like most mechanics but lo! His fingers are clean, and trimmed almost painted with a colorless nail polish, I suspect he does manicures every weekend. I can’t compare his fingers to mine. His beard is well trimmed, his head clean shaven too. He eats alone and barely talks. I have seen him every single day that I have eaten here. He never looks up from his food until he is done, then he pays and leaves. I have never heard him talk. I don’t talk either, I eat silently hoping that the food will not choke me as I swallow.
Today he sat next to me, he looked at me and smiled, that hideous smile that unnerves someone, I managed a quick smile then went back to my food. Hot steaming green peas and rice, my everyday treat.
“You should try ugali and managu sometime.”
I almost choke, something I am always careful to avoid.
“My name is Joe, beautiful dimple.”
I blush, involuntarily though.
I chew and chew and finally swallow. Because I didn’t want to talk with food in the mouth, my mama told me it is bad manners.
“Thanks, Joe. I am Diana.”
“How is it working along this street?”
“It is an experience of some sorts.”
So we get to talk, and my big mouth out of my curiosity asks him,
“How come your fingers are this clean? I mean…”
“Are you saying mechanics are dirty?”
“No, but they always have oil under their nails.”
He laughs, raises a brow and chuckles even more.
“Diana, I have a life outside of here.”
“Are you saying mechanics don’t have lives outside of here?”
“Huh! No, I use gloves when working to protect my hands, unless whatever I am handling does not need gloves.”
“Oh I see.”
“I am a DJ, in some club along Kiambu road.”
“Oh okay.”
“You should come and watch me spin sometime.”
He finishes his food, hesitates for a second then pays for my food as well.
“See you around Diana.”
He smiles and walks away, pulling down his overall to reveal a tattoo on his left arm.
My curiosity is piqued, I can’t wait for tomorrow lunch……….loading….

Diana Mosoba

Man on the edge of the cliff

I don’t always respond to my inbox, actually, I ignore messages most of the time, but not when the man says it’s a matter of life and death. So, I responded, he said he wanted to meet. He wanted to talk, there was some kind of urgency in his message, he sounded hurt. I did a quick sweep on his timeline, he was as real as the SGR that snakes from Nairobi to Mombasa. His name is Chris, 35 years old. His profile picture is of him and his wife, a beautiful woman by standard and two little girls. They look happy, they are happy. The picture was not taken in a studio, no! They were on holiday, from the background, I guess they were in Dubai. Why would he want to meet with me? He said we could meet at Brew Bistro, Ngong road, on a Monday evening?
Chris has an audit firm, located along Mombasa road, and he has a home in Syokimau.
I wanted to get there early and scout for a convenient seat, in a corner where I can see everything going on, see everyone and what they are up to. A seat that I can bolt from should things go South, but when I got there, he was already waiting for me. At the balcony, a jug of beer on the table and two beer mugs, one full and the other turned upside down.
“I didn’t think you’d come, Diana.”
“You sounded urgent and almost desperate.”
“I was desperate for someone to talk to. You don’t look like the type that takes beer.”
I didn’t answer immediately, I hate when people can read me that well. I moved my chair a little back, just for the sake of it.
“You are right, I don’t drink beer.”
“You can order anything.”
There is a drink they make so good, they call it the virgin mojito, that’s what I wanted. He flagged a waiter and made the order for me.
Chris is 6’4 ft, that’s tall, right? Dark and well built. He was in a pale pink shirt, you’d be forgiven to think that the shirt was stitched on his body, it fit him so well.
“Why did you want to meet here? Mombasa road could have been convenient.”
“I met her here, I have a lot of memories in this place.”
“I presume you are talking about your wife.” “Yes.”
He looked at the snarling traffic below, nostalgic even. For a minute I thought I saw tears well up in his eyes, but when he looked at me, they were dry. And a smile that did not reach his eyes. You know that smile that says, “I cover emotions well?” That kind of smile.
“Are you okay?”He took a deep breath, almost too deep. He took out his phone and scrolled through, looking for something, then he stopped, looked at whatever he was searching for hard, almost wistful. He then turned the phone to me
“That’s her, that’s my wife.”
The woman staring back at me was beautiful, I am not just saying it because I want to complement her, no. She was beautiful, she had this smile, like she had trained all her life to smile like that. Like a model, or an international actress. Her jawbone set, her teeth white, a sparkle in her eye. Her hair, every strand in its place. Short or bob as is commonly known.
“She is beautiful.”
“And intelligent. She is a lawyer, we met here. She was with her friends, I remember how she was dancing that night, care free, she was happy.”
“Is she not happy now?”
“I don’t know, she could be happy, but not with me.”
That’s what you say when you are not sure of what to say or how to respond.
“Where do I start?”
“How about you start from where you are seated?”


“Six months ago, I walked in on her having sex with her friend, her best friend.”
“Yeah, Bella is her best friend, she always came by the house especially on Saturdays.”
He paused and gulped his beer. I still don’t understand how people drink that thing, it tastes like shit. I also gulped my virgin mojito and set my glass down carefully. I felt like I was treading on eggshells. Let’s call his wife Cate.
“So, let me get this straight, your wife Cate and her best friend Bella…”
He made the longest sigh i have ever heard. This man was hurting, that I could sense. Despite his macho look and muscled arms, he was hurting.
“I’m sorry, Chris.”
“No, don’t be, I just want to get this off my chest.”
“You have never told anyone?”
“What am I supposed to say? Hey, I came home one evening to pick my laptop because as usual, my boys and I spent Saturday evenings together drinking beer and telling stale jokes, to find my wife in bed with another woman?”
I don’t know how such a question should be responded to.
“We were happy, I was happy, she seemed happy too.”
“Maybe it has nothing to do with you.”
“A lot of things made sense after that.”
“Does she know that you know?”
“I came home one evening, Bella comes to the house every Saturday morning, they cook together and catch up over a glass or glasses of wine. Usually, I read the newspaper and flip the Channels waiting for 5 to go out and meet with my friends. This day was no different, I was out but then one of my clients wanted me to do something for him. I sneaked away from my friends and rushed home for my laptop. We were not drinking far from home so I figured I’d quickly run and do it before my friends noticed I was gone.”

Spanish Music

He paused and poured himself more beer, he licked the foam, and he seemed to enjoy it.
“When I got home, there was Spanish music playing from our bedroom. I didn’t even know she liked Spanish music. She was full of surprises this woman. Have you ever listened to slow Spanish music?” “Huh?”
“It’s romantic and sexy. It’s kind of puts you in the mood. I was in for a good quick one before going back to the club. I unbuttoned my shirt but when I got to my room, our bedroom.”
He looks up and there are distant traces of tears, and regret. His voice is full of pain, a tense emotion that also engulfs me.
“Bella was shaving her privates.”
At this moment, I have this crazy image going in my mind.
“I was awed at first, watching someone else shave my wife. Then she crawled like a snake and kissed her. I was shocked. Before I could react, they were tangled together, they had toys. I was rooted, helpless, betrayed, I felt pain to the core of my heart.”
He paused and took his beer, swirling it in his mouth before swallowing, like he was reliving that moment again. He took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his brow.
“I turned and walked out, went back to the club.”
“You didn’t ask her?”
“No, I haven’t.”
“How are things between you two?”
“She disgusts me. I can’t look at her.”
“Hasn’t she asked anything? Wanted to know what’s wrong?”
“She has, but every time she talks to me, I just want to strangle her, so I leave. She actually thinks there is another woman. Oh well, there is another woman.”
“What are you going to do?”
“For now, I am the man on the cliff, if I jump I die, if I stay, I’m already dead inside.”
“You have your two daughters to think of.”
“I know.”
He takes another deep breath like a burden has been lift off his shoulder.
“Thanks for coming. I’d better get home and help my daughters with their homework.”
“Thank you for talking to me, trusting me with your story.”
He finished his last beer, took out a few crisp notes and put them on the table and walked out.
The man on the edge of the cliff, betrayed, hurt and broken.

Diana Mosoba

js creative media_Inspiration

Inspiration: Resurrection of Lazarus.

Over the weekend I travelled to Shagz. That is not why am writing. I brought that up as an indirect way of apologizing for keeping you guys without something to read on our website. I already know you like us and we must explain anytime we take long without posting something new. Yaani relationship yetu imefikia hapo and we can only be thankful.  Like a typical African, I must update you about the usual stuff you people don’t give a damn about.  Upcountry was good, it is raining…et cetera.

While travelling back, something (I can’t remember what) drew my attention to the story of Lazarus and more specifically his resurrection. Lazarus’ resurrection is among the many miracles mentioned in the Bible that demonstrate our Lord’s power. I am not going to narrate the whole story because I know your Sunday/ Sabbath school teacher did a splendid job. I will highlight the important points that I want to talk about today.

Jesus learns of Lazarus death and decides to go to Bethany (Lazarus’ home town). He tells his disciples that Lazarus was just asleep. They did not comprehend what he meant. First lesson; our challenges are so small before our God. Imagine someone is dead and to Him he is just sleeping, meaning he will wake/ rise up again. God is telling us today that all those difficult situations that we think are the end of us are just too little to worry Him. He will fix them and we will rise again!

Jesus goes to Bethany four days after Lazarus’ death (and burial). Jesus actually says, ” … and for your sake I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe.” I think this is an answer also to a question or rather a statement one of Lazarus’ sisters makes when Jesus gets to their home. You remember Martha telling Jesus that if He (Jesus) would have been around, her brother would not have died. The greatest teacher once again reassures her that Lazarus will rise.

God works in his own time. When he thinks it is right. Not us. Sometimes I tend to think Martha was indirectly saying, “Sasa ulikuwa wapi kabla akufe?” The response is calm and comforting. So comforting you would think it is fantasy. That is our Lord. He knows when to walk in and lift us. On a lighter note, someone would call Jesus a ‘joker’. Yaani he is coming four days after Lazarus has been buried. He is already rotten and there is a foul smell in the tomb. But that is nothing to Him. The response still remains “He will rise again”.

Most times we write off others or get written off according to the situations we find ourselves in. People give up on us. We give up on people. We give up on ourselves. We give up on health, financial crises, relationships, careers, tasks, talents …name them. In our mortal understanding, there is nothing that can be done to bring back the situations mentioned above to life because they ‘have been dead for four days’. They are rotten. But Jesus is walking in to do what he does best; not just resuscitate but resurrect! When it was plain obvious you are dead financially, emotionally, politically, academically… He is just about to shock many!

Jesus tells them to take away the stone that was covering the tomb. One preacher once wondered why He couldn’t just command the stone to roll away because he was able. He had changed water into wine, healed the sick, cast out demons, calmed the storm, was about to resurrect Lazarus… So why not command the stone away and raise Lazarus instead of giving people the burden of rolling away the stone? This is my understanding, Christ wants us to be part of the process. Even our constitution talks about public participation in processes that affect the public and people have gone to court when they feel the public wasn’t involved as required in law.

Our Saviour doesn’t want to be taken to court (again…haha. This time before Maraga and not Pirate). He wants us to participate in our miracles. He wants us to do something about what we are asking for. You want Lazarus raised? Roll away the stone. I will raise him up! You want to do well in your academics, read, study well. I will help you pass! You want financial breakthrough, start a business, save, invest, start out, good health? Eat healthy, live healthy? A good relationship? Grow it, nurture it…I will lift you! Pray for the miracle you want, fast about it…but guess what, Christ is telling you that is not enough! Rise up and do something. He will do the remaining which is beyond our ability.

Lastly, when Jesus saw Lazarus’ sisters weeping, he was moved. I remember many years ago a classmate in primary school giving the shortest verse, ” Jesus wept” as her memory verse during those Saturday afternoon sessions in church and we thought it looked funny. The bible says, “… seeing them weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled”. Our Lord is a Lord of compassion. He understands how we feel when hit by challenges. He cares. And that is why he walks in to comfort, reassure, restore, reestablish and resurrect us; like he did to Lazarus. Believe!

PS: And you people doubt me when I tell you am an aspiring pope! You better not.