The Mechanic

The Mechanic part 16

The following weeks revealed to me a different Joe. A caring Joe, a considering Joe. He was seeing this therapist in town twice a week. He had learnt to control his anger and his emotions. He spent a lot of time with me and my son, he loved him, they got a long so well. This is what I had prayed for all my life.
One morning, I woke up feeling really sick. I was throwing up and I had a bad headache. I could have sworn I was pregnant if I had not had a coil. Carol insisted that we go to the hospital but I played down as a bug that would soon go.
The following days were even worse, I could barely wake up, I couldn’t eat either. Joe and Carol who were now getting a long well literally carried me to hospital. The nurse who took my particulars, young and radiant with a calming smile.
“Diana, I will be back shortly with your results, in the meantime, just rest on this bed. You will be okay.”
Seconds turned into minutes into two hours when she finally came back.
“Congratulations Diana, you are going to be a mom.”
“Wait, what?”
“You didn’t know? You are 12 weeks pregnant.”
“No, I didn’t know.”
“I take it that you are not very thrilled with this news?”
“Yes, no, I am just surprised. I swear I have a coil.”
“Sometimes they fail, is that your husband outside?”
“He looks really worried, he cares about you. Should we tell him the good news?”
I was at a loss, this was the last thing I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, my relationship with Joe was at it’s absolute best. My career was finally picking up. I was lined up for a promotion and a pregnancy was going to hold me back.
She squeezed my hand, an assuring squeeze, smiled at me and popped her head out the door. A few seconds later, Joe was seated next to me, holding my hands in his.
“Babe, we have the results and I am pregnant.”
He looked at me, then at my belly. His hands quickly touching me slowly as if feeling for the fetus.
“Are you sure?”
His expression was blank, almost unreadable.
“Yes, your girlfriend is pregnant.”
“Wife, my wife and I are pregnant.”
I felt a tag of worry lift off my shoulders.
He knelt down and held my hand
“I don’t have a ring right now, I pictured this day would be grand. I wanted to buy the most expensive ring I could afford. But, today, life has taught me that nothing we plan really matters when the right moment pops us. Diana, the soon to be mother of my child, will you marry me?”
I was Besides myself with joy. I mean, this wasn’t the grandest proposal, not the perfect place but I loved this man and I was going to marry him again and again and again. I got up and knelt besides him,
“I love you Joe, yes I will marry you.” He helped me to get up, pulled me into a tight hug.
The nurse had recorded it all on her phone.
He took a small ribbon from the nurse’s drawer and tied it on my finger,
“This may not be the perfect ring, but it’s the thought that counts, right?”
I linked my arm with his and smiled up at him,
“Yes, it’s the thought that counts.”
We found Carol at the waiting bay. She got up when she saw us and narrowed her brow,
“What happened in there?”
I showed her my finger.
“Why do you have ribbon tied on your finger?”
“She said yes.”
“You proposed to a sick person?”
“It turns out that I am not sick, i am pregnant.”
“What? Wow! Damn.”
She was as shocked as I was. She tried to hide her shock the best way she could.
“Congratulations guys. I am really happy for you.”
“We need to start planning for the wedding.”
“Isn’t that too early?”
“No, I want to take care of you.”
“And you can’t take care of her unless she is your wife?”
“That’s not what I meant. Look, you take her home so that she can rest, I’m going to put everything in order.”
He planted a quick kiss on my cheek and hurried off.
Carol turned to me,
“What just happened?”
“I am more confused than you are.”
“Let’s go home.”
We drove in silence. I knew all my plans had come to a certain halt. A baby on the way, a husband?
Things were moving a little too fast but I loved him, isn’t that what mattered the most.


Diana Mosoba

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