The Mechanic

The Mechanic part 18

My mother looked at me and then at my mother in law, then she quipped,
“Why don’t we go outside and talk about the wedding? I want to be a part of every bit of it.”
My mother in law looked at me, then at my mother,
“My in law, no need for that. We are already taking care of it. All you have to do is dress up and show up.”
“Dress up and show up for my own daughter’s wedding like a guest?”
“Everything is pretty much taken care of.”
“I see, what is the theme colour?”
My mother in law smiled widely and clasped her hands together,
“Blue and white, it is going to be beautiful. ”
My mother scoffed,
“The one colour that my daughter hates so much is going to be her wedding theme? This is a first.”
My mother in law turned to me. I was already flinching.
“Diana, I didn’t know you don’t like blue.”
My mother stepped forward,
“No, she hates it. Perhaps if you had let her plan her own rushed wedding or even asked for her preference. I will leave you to it.”
My mother in law called after her,
“She is pregnant you know, she can’t be running around and stressing about the wedding.”
“She is pregnant, not disabled, she can decide on what she wants on her wedding day.”
I stood in the middle and shouted for them to stop. If this was going to work, then I needed the both of them to cooperate.
“You are both important to me and I know you want the best for me.”
My mother walked back to me and held my hand,
“Baby it’s….”
“Mom, I know you want the best for me. I think you two should be in charge of this wedding.”
She dropped my hand, looked at my mother in law then back at me.
“It will mean the world to me if you both get along, please.”
If at that moment they were masking their dislike for each other,then they were doing a good job.
“Maybe we started on the wrong foot, shall we give this another go? My in law?”
They smiled at each other and embraced like they were old friends catching up. They started chatting about adjustments and changes that they were going to effect as though I was not standing right there. I shook my head and walked to the living room where Joe and the men were seated.
My dad beckoned me to his side. He has always been do proud of me and everything I do.
“Just because you are getting married does not mean I am not going to be there for you.”
“I know dad.”
“If your husband misbehaves, make sure to call me so that I can give him a good beating.”
The men laughed heartily as though it was a football joke but in my dad’s eyes, danced uncertainty. I was now doubting my decision. Was I doing the right thing? Was I making the right choice here?
I got up and left. I needed a minute alone. I went to my bedroom, the room that had seen me evolve from a baby to the woman that I was today.
It had not changed much. The small wardrobe stood against one wall, a small drawer on the other wall with a stool. This is where i spent so much of my youth time applying make up on the mirror mounted on the wall. The pink walls always were welcome and warm. My window was small with a curtain that had big white flowers.
My bed, the best part of my room looked inviting as always. I took off my shoes and just got into bed covering myself totally.
Something was bugging me but I could not quite point a finger on it. In my hazy thoughts, I fell asleep.
When I woke up, it was dark. The window was closed and the curtains drawn. Even my mosquito net had been draped around me. I remembered why I was home and quickly got up. I rushed to the living room where everyone was gathered. They were talking animatedly like they were old friends.
My mother in law got up and made me sit next to her.
“Finally you are awake, we were just talking about you.”

There was a certain tension in the house covered by loud talking and laughter.

I squeezed between my mother and my mother in law. The chattering didn’t make it any better for me. I could feel it but i chose to ignore it and go with the flow. By the time every one was leaving, it was late into the night.

I was so tired, everyone at work was looking at me with those questioning eyes. I had not told them that i was pregnant neither had i said anything about the wedding, but sooner or later i was going to have to tell them. My boss called me to his office later that day.

”Diana is everything okay?”

”Everything is fine sir, why do you ask?”

”i have noticed your change of behavior in the last couple of days, and it is affecting your work.”

”Uhm, sir, i, uhm..”

”Diana, if anything is the matter, you can tell me.”

”I am pregnant and my wedding is in a few days.”

I just blurted it out. He looked at me from under his glances as though he was reading my soul.

”That is good news, how far are you?”

‘Sir, i am a few weeks, i just found out the a few days ago.”

”You seem stressed, is it the wedding preparations?”

”yes sir.”

”Take a few days off and do what you have to do.”

”No Sir, i prefer coming to work.”

He opened his mouth as though to say something but changed his mind, he shrugged his broad shoulders and nodded in silent understanding.

”If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask.”

And with that, he dismissed me from his office.

Diana Mosoba

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