The Mechanic

The mechanic (part 2)

When I woke up yesterday morning, a little earlier than I normally do, I was undecided on what to wear. A black skirt with a red blouse? A blue trouser with a white shirt or my power look black jumpsuit? After battling in my head for close to 15 minutes, I finally chose the black jumpsuit with black heels. You see, this jumpsuit gives me the confidence of a gazelle dancing in front of a lion, because it can out run him. It accentuates my curves, and gives me the appeal of a corporate woman. It brings out the soft yet masculine touch within me. Truth is, I sit in an office with no air conditioner although we sell some. So I am far from corporate.
All through the morning, my mind was on the lunch I was about to have. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in love with Joe, no. I don’t even know if I like him that way yet, but I found his company to be interesting and that perhaps was what I was looking forward to. How can I like someone I spoke to for about 2 minutes? Crazy, right?
Finally, I walked out of the office and sat at my usual, he was going to join me any time soon. I kept glancing around but he did not show up. I took my food a little dismayed.
Mama mkamba saw me looking around and she came over,
“Unangoja Joe?”
“Huh! Hapana.”
“Naona vile huwa anakuangalia na jana pia mliongea.”
I smile, I feel exposed.
“Unajua wewe ni mrembo sana, be careful na hawa vijana wa hapa.”
She walked away and left me in the jungle of my thoughts. Did she know something that I didn’t? I ate the remaining of my food in silence and left.
Why was I disappointed? It’s not like Joe had said he was interested in me! I immersed my energy in work and even responded to mails that I had been promising to respond to in a while. At almost 5, our receptionist called that I had a client. I rarely had meetings at this time because my mind shuts at 4:30, ready to close office and call it a day. Anyway, when someone comes all the way to your office to see you, whether or not they had an appointment, the most logical thing is to give them audience.
I walked down the small mabati stairscase and there at the center of the room was Joe. In blood and flesh. He was not in overalls, no. He was in brown khaki pants and a blue shirt and black shoes.
“Diana, you look really good.”
“Joe, what are you doing here?”
“I’m here to see you.”
“Errrr, okay.”
“Can we talk?”
“Maybe after work?”
He looked at his Curren watch,
“it’s only a few minutes to 5, can I wait for you outside?”
“What did you want to talk about?”
“I guess we can do that over coffee, what do you say?”
You know that breath you have been holding on for long without knowing it? I released one of those.
“Okay, let me get my bag.”
I walked back up to my office, I could feel his eyes on my back. I found myself smiling at nothing. There was a falter in my heart too, but it’s just coffee, I reasoned. I had to be home by 7.30 because there is a program my son loves and he loves watching it from my lap.
I packed my bag and closed my office. Good thing with where I work is that, I do not have to explain to my boss when I am leaving.
He was leaning by a very old model of a Benz, but it looked new to me, because of how it had been maintained. Silver, pristine and shining. The seats made from leather, grey in color.
“I hope you like my car.”
“Oh, he is a beautiful beast.”
“He is strong too.”
There was no traffic, and in about 10 minutes, we were tucked somewhere along Mombasa road, it wasn’t an ordinary date of coffee, no. He took me to a virtual gaming room.
“Been here before?”
“If seeing this from outside is being here, then I guess so.”
“You have a funny bone, not quite the word, but let me just say you are cheeky.”
“I am modest.”
“I didn’t say you are not.”
And for the next 2 hours, I experienced the most crazy virtual gaming ever. Story for another day. I completely lost track of time.
“Joe, I have to go.”
“Why? What’s the rush?”
“I have to be home by 7.30.”
“No, my son. There is a program we watch together and I wouldn’t want to miss.”
“Oh okay, I get it. I can drop you.”
I wasn’t sure I wanted to invite him to my home just yet. Don’t judge me, but my home is my safe haven, my little heaven. Am I wrong to be selfish with who I invite?
“Thanks, but I will take an uber.”
“Are you absolutely sure?”
“Positive, by the way, you look so different from your overalls.”
“I will take that as a compliment.”
My uber arrived in about 5 minutes.
He hugged me, a little too tight, his Hugo boss classic cologne filled me up, all the way to my torso. I found myself lingering in the hug a little longer, maybe longer than intended but have you smelt that cologne?
“See you tomorrow beautiful.”
“See you tomorrow, Joe.”
And now, I can still smell that cologne. It got me thinking. There will definitely be another lunch, or game or coffee, he is unpredictable, that I can already tell, but I can’t wait for the next.


Diana Mosoba

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