The Mechanic part 20

The following morning, i woke up to flowers everywhere. Our suite was filled with different fresh flowers, I was still reeling from shock when Joe came in a with a tray of breakfast.

‘’Good morning princess.’’

‘’Good morning my love.’’

He set the tray down and kissed me on the forehead.

‘’Slept well?’’

‘’I could have if we had not had that fight.’’

‘’I am sorry, you can keep your job if that is what you want.’


‘’Yes babe.’’

I threw myself on him and kissed him all over the face.

‘’Slow down, we have room service.’’

‘’I don’t care, i am just so happy.’’

He got up and helped me to stand too, he gathered me into his arms and pulled me closer. The lady set down the last of the roses and excused herself.

‘’Anything to make my beautiful wife happy.’’

I took a deep breath and kissed the tip of my nose.

‘’Thank you, it means the world to me.’’

He carried me to the small couch in the room and set me down, my small sleeping gown had slipped up my belly. He ravished his eyes on me, hungry for me, hungry for us to connect the way we always did.

‘’I love you Diana, more than you will ever know.’’

My heart was already bursting, i held his head and pulled him closer to me for a kiss.

‘’I love you too Joe but right now i want my husband to make love to me.’’

The rays of the morning sun streamed in through the window. I turned and sat on him, straddling his eager member. I covered his mouth with mine, my fingers worked on the buttons of his shirt down to his pair of shorts.

I sat on him, and let his shaft fill me up, he held my waist tightly as we moved in rhythm, my husband and i were making love on the suite couch without a care in the world, it was all that mattered now, us, in this moment, moving up and down, enjoined together.

A few hours later, we left the suite to our house, we had decided to rent a new apartment where we could start building our memories and dreams together. When we got there, mother in law was waiting for us.

‘’How are the newly weds doing?’’

‘’We are fine mother, what are you doing here?’’

Joe quickly moved past her, we thought they were unpacking but they were actually packing our stuff.

‘’Mum, what’s going on here?’’

‘’We are moving you home.’’

‘’We talked about this, Diana and I want to stay here.’’

‘’Nonsense, i will not stay away from my grandchild.’’

‘’The baby is not even born yet, we are staying here.’’

Joe told the workers to stop packing and leave but mother insisted that we had to move back to her house. What had i gotten myself into?

‘’Mum, we would love to stay with the rest of the family but right now, what we need is just us.’’

‘’Where is your son, Diana?’’

‘’He is with my parents.’’

‘’Make arrangements for him to be brought to me.’’

‘’My mum said she will take care of him.’’

‘’He is apart of our family now and we are capable of taking care of him, make that call. And Diana, i make decisions around here, you can keep this little apartment, for now but i expect you to move into our home the soonest possible.

She left us alone and left her strong cologne lingering behind. What a first day of marriage.


Diana Mosoba

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