The Mechanic

The Mechanic part 6

My parents always come to the city every once in a month for a week for their clinics. On Sunday they came and as usual, they picked my son. I was now alone in the house with a hangover and boredom to kill. I toyed with the idea of going to Joe’s place for a while, finally, i called him.

”My queen, you are awake.”

”Hey, been awake for a while now.”

”Sema babe.”

”My folks took Jake and i was wondering if i can come over maybe?”

”Babe, you do not have to ask.”


”Yeah, whenever you feel like, just drop by.”

”Oh okay, i will take an uber, be there in a few.”

”I will come to pick you.”

”It’s okay, i can take an uber.”

”No! You are my woman, it is my responsibility.”

I am his woman? Wow! I had not had anyone claim responsibility for me in a long time and it felt kinda good. Joe was letting me be a woman and he was making it clear that he was in charge. I was so used to being the one in charge of my life and my son’s, i felt a little vulnerable but this is Joe we are talking about.

”Diana, Are you there?”

”Uhm, yeah, i am here, okay. I will be ready when you get here.”

”Maybe pack an outfit for tomorrow? You can spend the night here.”

”Are you sure?”

”100% sure, see you in a few.”

I packed a few essentials that i would need and dressed up. I made myself a fourth or fifth mug of coffee and settled on the couch as i waited for Joe. Almost two hours later, he arrived and off we went.

”Maybe we can order take away.”

He turned to look at me like i was unbelievable.

”I will cook, anything for you my queen.”


”Yeah, i am not big on takeaways, i would rather cook for myself.”

”I will help you cook then.”

”Perfect, this is going to be perfect.”

I slept through the remaining drive back. He woke me up at the parking lot. He had bought beef and veges. We were alone in the elevator, he had the bag of groceries in one hand and my bag in the other hand.

“You are beautiful.”

I ran my fingers on his chest momentarily touching his small nipples, he covered my lips with his, it was the kiss that took my breath away, he kissed me like a goddess, the goddess of lust, my hands quickly went to the back of his head.

He set the grocery bag and my bag on the floor and drew me to him,  his arm firmly around my waist, he brought my face up to him, we were lost in the kiss, surrounded by concrete and glass. We kissed like hungry ravens feeding on hope. I was out of breath, his fingers slipped into my shirt and rubbed my back, he circled my stomach and brought them up to my tits, he rubbed my nipples through my lace bra, they hardened with his touch. He pulled back and bit his lip. I unzipped his trouser, ”Babe, what are you doing?”

”Finishing what you started.”

The Mechanic I kissed him, he leaned against the glass wall, i ran my fingers across his manhood, i felt the warmth of his manhood stretch against my fingers, his breathing intensified.  He swallowed hard, he was conflicted, he wanted me to stop but not stop. When the elevator pinged and stopped, i stopped touching him but did not move, the doors opened and the caretaker was standing there. He looked at us suspiciously before stepping aside for us.

He put the grocery bag in the kitchen and my bag on the bed then walked to me,

”You asked for whatever that is coming your way.”

”Maybe i wanted whatever that is coming my way.”

He pushed me against the wall, I giggled as his tongue went to my tits, my lace bra was a little wet, my nipples hardened in his mouth. I wound my legs on him as he leveled himself on the wall while supporting me. His kisses dipped from my tits, to my navel, his fingers gently rubbed my slightly grown pubic hair as they explored the warmth of my inner thighs, I trembled a little as his shaggy beard rough on my petal skin aroused me more, his fingers opened my throbbing flower, my lips pouted out, he slid one finger in and slowly pulled it out. He did that severally before sliding his tongue in. I saw the stars dance on the breaking sun, the rainbow danced above my head, his tongue went in and out, his long fingers firmly on my bum. I gripped him with my legs drawing him closer, there were waterfalls of my sweetness pouring from my pleasure pot, I was ecstatic, beyond the simple clouds they call nine, I was in the complex of the most complex clouds, his tongue was my guide. I trembled and spammed. The clouds hanged precariously over the sea of unknown pleasure. I was buried deep within the debris of sweetness, I felt my muscles tighten I clung to him for dear life, he was having a hard time supporting me on the wall as i squirt an ocean on his face.

He carried me to his bed and lay me down slowly. He helped me out of my dress, he unhooked my bra as his fingers stroked my tits. I was so aroused my entire body was burning. He twirled his tongue around my nipples as his fingers circled my haven. He kissed me and went lower to the center of my being. Listen, this is when i come face to face with Delilah, and Mary and all the noble women in the bible because again,  i understood why Eve ate the apple, it had the gateway to glorious orgasms. I was lost in my own pleasure, buried in the deep debris of ecstasy. If Joe had asked me to marry him then, my answer could have been, ”Yes baby, please don’t stop.”

I was gone, gone beyond the clouds. This man had a blessed tongue. His tongue sent shock-waves all over my body. I climaxed, shook like a volcano and erupted, again and again until i had no strength left in me, but that did not make him to stop. He was determined to drain all the energy in me, and so he kept going, twirling, nibbling, licking and sucking the life out of me, each time i thought i could not surpass the previous eruption but each time was a new experience. He lay next to me watching me catch my breath. He had taken me to a pleasure trip through the clouds and rainbows and now was my chance to show him what had befallen Adam.

I ran my fingers gingerly on his bare chest. I snuggled closed to him, and licked his nipple, it was small and I felt it harden in my mouth, he gasped for breath as I rubbed myself on him slowly trailing down his groin with my tongue. My hands massaged his butt, firm and athletic, it felt good to the touch. I slowly ran my fingers on his erection, I bent down, his toes were tightly curled up. I rubbed his shaft up and down in steady strokes, I then took it and led it to my mouth and licked the tip while rubbing his balls, he moaned slowly. I let a little saliva drip on him and continued to rub while taking a little more into the mouth, I was taking time, I pulled the shaft back and sucked it back slowly. I blew hot air around his balls, I took them into my mouth and nibbled on them gently. I chewed on them with my tongue. He moaned and held on to my head tight, I licked it from the tip and made my way to the bottom slowly, he jerked forward as my fingers stroked after my tongue. I finally took it in my mouth, I felt it at the back of my throat. He gasped for air and at that moment I knew he was conversing with Adam and Eve. I moved my head up and down, eyes closed, fingers on his balls. I was giving him the ride of his life. I felt him build up, I pulled out and pushed his shaft back to delay his juices from gushing. His eyes were tightly shut, I smiled as I led his whooper back into my mouth, “ohhh!” He gasped as I deep throat it. My speed increased and as he built up again I pulled out and pushed back his shaft, he was now calling me those names that Mexicans use in the soap operas. I was now his queen and princess, the cream in his cake. The barley in his beer. The wheat in his bread. He was sweating and heaving as my mouth worked up and down like payday was nigh. I felt him swell up again but this time I did not pull out instead I stroked after my tongue, he gushed out as I pulled out on time. Thick and creamy. He opened his eyes and looked at me with a smile, his hands slumped on his sides.

I just wanted to feel him deep within me. I wanted to feel his massive cock fill up every corner of my throbbing kitty. I sat on him legs stretched and rubbed the tip on my lips, he wanted to go in but I was dictating the terms. He sat up and pulled latex from the bed side drawer bag, i took it and winked as I rolled it up his majestic mighty whooper, I slid into me with ease. I dug my fingers into his back, I was not fucking him but rhyming with the serene waterfall, up and down, slowly, I twirled my waist like I was dancing chakachaka and moved like the twerkers in the Jamaican videos, his deep moans drowned by the ticking of the clock, he held on to me so tightly as I increased my tempo. I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip, he flipped me over like a slap of water, folded my legs to his chest, one leg firmly bent on the bed, he thrust into me slowly, I begged him, ordered him to give it to me. Cloud complex was no longer hanging over the sea, I was basking under the sea, the sun kissed me over the water. I was far and beyond ecstatic, I arched forward as I neared the climax of the game, I spammed with each thrust, I rubbed his butt sensually, that drove him crazy, the sound of his slapping balls against me sounded good to the ears, “cum with me babe…” his breathing labored, a streak of sweat rolled down his forehead, I closed my eyes as my tight muscles gave way to our might cum. He heaved, I moaned almost convulsing, we climaxed together. He remained edged in me for a few seconds before withdrawing his flaccid member out. He smiled broadly as he rolled off the rubber, he got up and went to the bathroom, he came back with a towel and wiped me clean. I was exhausted, his sweat clung to me, i held on to him with all my strength, he held me like a flower. We fell asleep, hearts beating together, in unison, we were right for each other, or did the universe have something else in mind.


Diana Mosoba





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