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We love photography. It started as a hobby to us, but later translated to something that really earns us a living. When we have a purpose, something interesting to look forward to doing, photography gives us creative fulfilment. It helps us express ourselves artistically, and that’s a wonderful thing. Creativity is a major part of our life.


The graphics that we make are of the standard quality. They help us bring out the best of your brand as we endeavor to make your brand visible and reap more share out of this small and competitive market


Throughout your wedding day/event we are busy capturing all the detail shots, as well and the more obvious moments. The rings, the flowers, shoes, smiles...every little thing that makes the big day so wonderful is our worry during this time. We capture quality audio, from the vows to the speeches and toasts, we will capture the crack of every voice as well as the laughter in the highest quality.


For us, Social Media Management is not about posting content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but much more than that, especially when you want to see results. It involves strategy development, involving what you want to achieve, create a monthly calendar, schedule posts in advance, be ready to respond to posts promptly, manage the followers, etc.


Our website design process with a series of steps that builds upon one another, with keen consideration on what are the customer's products or services. It is highly researched and creatively laid out, to bring out the elegance and ease of maneuver and navigation around the pages.


Event Planning and execution involves a lot of details and planning starting from pre-planning, to the event-day logistics. For the event to be successful, we understand the audience, understand their demographics and so much more.

Who We Are. What We Do

We are John and Simon, passionate about Photography, videography, graphic design, webdesign and above all, we do social media management as well as event planning and execution. We can help your company position itself as the most preferred among the many that produce or offer more or less the same services.

What our Clients Say About Us​

John and Simon helped me out in covering and creating best videos for my wedding. The photos from the occasion were really beautiful.

Huge Thanks JS.


Naanyu Agnes


These guys are really good on what they do. My business was going down, but after meeting John and Simon, they came up with a campaign strategy that helped my business to hold a huge share in the market. Am not bragging but this year alone, i have acquired a a profit of Kes.7M.

Thanks JS.

Enock Mauti

When it comes to events organizing and executing, leave this to these guys, John and Simon. They do it, and they do it really good.

Thomas Nudi

I had a problem with my website. After a long struggle with some guys masquerading as web designers, a friend referred me to these guys, John and Simon. After just one meeting, my website was up and running. Thanks to you guys.

Sandra Rabut

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