The Mechanic

The Mechanic Part 5

I normally spend my weekends at home playing and watching telly with my son. But not this past weekend. Joe picked me up on Saturday morning.

”Where are we going?”

”I have no particular destination.”

”You are being mysterious again, aren’t you?”

”Let’s say i am being adventurous.”

”Okay, just so you know, i am not complaining.”

”Diana, i have been meaning to ask you something.”

”Okay, ask away.”

He took a deep breath, like he had been holding his it.

”Uhm, i have been thinking, i know we don’t know each other that well but..”

I turned to look at him, he seemed nervous and a thin sweat was breaking on his brow. He looked at me for a split second before blurting out,

”I have fallen in love with you.”

There was total silence in the car and for a split second, i couldn’t breath.

”Damn it, i just blew it, didn’t i? Diana?”

”No, it just came as a surprise.”


”Yeah, i really like you, Joe.”

There was that old cheer in his eye again.

”So, you think we have a chance?”

”I am not saying we don’t.”

”Diana, you have no idea how happy this makes me.”

”I am happy being here with you.”

“And that is all that i wanted to hear.”

He drove to Ngong.

”Have you ever zip-lined before?”

”I have never had the courage to.”

”Me too, can we try?”

”I am not sure, but hey, hell yeah, let us do it.”

We spent part of the morning zip lining, hiking. It was the most fun outdoor activity i had done in a long while. By noon, i was furbished and tired but feeling good about it. he had packed a picnic blanket and some food for us.

”Why don’t you come to the club later today and watch me spin?”

”Are you sure?”

”Are you kidding me? I will dedicate the show to you, my queen.”

There was nothing to think about.

”Sure, i’d love that. Can i bring my best friend?”

”Of course, you don’t have to ask.”

My Saturday bonding session with my son watching his favorite cartoon was once again postponed. He dropped me home and promised to pick me up later that evening.

My best friend Carol was in the house waiting for me. She followed me to the bedroom and plopped on my bed. My son was asleep in the other room.

”Who is he?”

”Who is who?”

”The man you are hanging out with?”

”His name is Joe.”

”I knew there was a man, come on, spill the details.”

”Easy now chic.”

”I need the details, mama, start.”

”His name is Joe.”

”You already said that.”

”What do you want?”

”Finer details. Where did you two meet? What does he do?  Have you given it up?”

I rolled my eyes and took off my leggings.

”Oh my God! You already did.”

”Did what?”

”You know what i mean.”

”He is a mechanic.”

She choked on her glass of juice.

”Say what now?”

Carol is like a sister to me. The sister i never had. We tell each other everything. It was almost 5 when my son woke up and Carol and i were still talking about Joe.

“He is picking me at 7, get ready.”

”You want me to be a third wheel?”

”He is working as a DJ.”

”Oh, okay, a mechanic who is a dj!”

”Are you judging him? Oh my God, you are judging him.”

”No, i am not. I will take a nap now, wake me up at 6.30.”

”Okay, boss.”

I took a quick shower and went to play with my son.

At exactly 7, Joe called me that he was outside waiting for us.

I was in a black dress, mid-thigh, bare back with golden high heel sandals. They say you can never go wrong with black, right?

”Hey queen, you look gorgeous.”

”Hey, you equally look good. This is my best friend Carol, i told you she was coming.”

He extended his hand to shake her, ”Joe, i am Joe.”

He turned to me, ”I hope you are ready to have fun.”

”I was born ready.”

Somewhere along Kiambu road, in one of the well known clubs, that is where he works.

It is a high end club, i was glad i dressed up. He led us into the club where a table had been reserved for us near the dj booth.

”Iam going to set up my stuff, order for whatever that you want. I will be back.”

Carol turned to me as soon as he left.


”Yeah, why not?”

”How well do you know this guy?”

”Enough to know that i like him and he likes me too.”

”Don’t you think you are taking things a little too fast?”

”I am here to have fun, not to be judged.”

”You know i am just concerned, that is all.”

”Then be happy for me.”


”Can we just have fun tonight?”

”Okay, queen.”

The night in itself was perfect. We had fun, Joe came by as much as he could. We danced and drunk and ate.

”We going back to my place?”

”What about Carol?”

”I will drop her at home.”

”I have had too much to drink, i just want to go home.”

He looked at me so intently, there was that flash of anger in his eyes but quickly disappeared. He clenched his jaw in a suppressing attempt and forced a smile.

”No problem, i will drop you home.”

The drive back to my place was silent. None of us had anything to say, or is it because we were drunk? He opened the door for us and left after ensuring we were inside the gate.

I may have been drunk but i noticed his anger, maybe it is something i could deal with when sober, for now, i just needed my bed.


Diana Mosoba

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