The Mechanic

The Mechanic (part 3)

Do you know that feeling of wanting to talk to someone before going to bed? Yes, that one. I had that feeling, I wanted to talk to Joe, I even took out my phone but guess what, we had not exchanged numbers. I shrugged and went to sleep. Buried my thoughts in debris of fantasies as I drifted away into sleep.
The following day, my colleagues offered to buy me lunch, in an esteemed eatery down the road. I had no idea this place existed. I call it esteemed because here, the wooden tables had table clothes, not actual table clothes but white canvas or is it plastic with bright flowers. Salt was in small salt shakers and not coffee containers. The plates are equally beautiful. Here, it is frequented by our lakeside peeps, on the menu proudly hanged on the wall is fish, fish, fish, omena, omena, omena and beef. Ugali and chapo, no rice or potatoes or githeri. You see, in all senses, compared to others, this is esteemed. I enjoyed a plate of fish prepared the lakeside way. When I went back to the office, I had even forgotten about Joe because fish particularly makes me very happy. Y’all remember how much it rained yesterday, don’t you. We stayed long after eating. When we finally got back, he was there, at his usual, he had finished eating but for some reason he was still there. Was he waiting for me? Or maybe not. My colleague was holding the umbrella for us because first of all he is the man, but maybe because he is tall. He looked at me, then at my colleague and when he looked back at me, our eyes locked. I wanted to explain to him that he is just a colleague, our officers are neighbors, but wait a minute, why should I even explain anything to him.
I however, excused myself at the door.
“You and your colleague seemed cosy.”
“Come on Joe, it’s because we were sharing an umbrella.”
“You changed your eating place?”
“No, he just offered to buy me lunch, fish to be specific.”
“You love fish?”
“Yeah, I love fish.”
“Nice to know. So, your colleague?”
“He is not my type.”
He smiled, without really smiling.
“I smell some jealousy.”
“Yeah right. I have to get back to work, can I pick you at 5?”
“Sure. See you at 5.”
And the time between then and 5 went in a painful slow motion. I checked my phone every few seconds, by 5, it felt like I had waited a whole 50 days.
He was outside as promised. In a pair of jeans, a fitting tee and white canvas, man, I don’t own a single pair of white canvas because how do I keep them white? But here was Joe with a pair of white canvas that looked like they had been unwrapped a second ago.
“What do you want to do this evening?”
“I don’t know, what do you have in mind?”
He opened the car and let me in. He looked at me like he was debating on something then right there, in front of my office entrance, he leaned in and kissed me, so gently at first then with a burning desire. I was out of breath. His breath filled me up, I was breathing his air. What if someone from the office saw me? Would that be considered inappropriate?
“I know what you are thinking.”
“What am I thinking?”
He looked at the entrance. Two guys from the office were talking, had they seen me?
“This car is tinted, trust me, no one saw anything. I wouldn’t do anything to taint your reputation at work.”
I leaned in for another kiss this time. My whole body was swelling with a want, an urgent need. I closed my eyes and let the moment wash me in torrents, I wanted this man, I wanted him here and now but that was not possible. I pulled back, there was that desire in his eyes, it made me even weaker.
“Do you want to finish this?”
“I guess.”
He started the car and pulled away slowly, joining the traffic that was quickly building up.
“I don’t know you that well Diana, but I know you made something in my heart stir the first time I saw you and since then, all I have fantasized about is kissing you.”
“Are you becoming all marshy on me?”
“He he, I am summoning my courage before it fails me to say that I really like you.”
You see, I haven’t dated in a long while, I am used to being flattered by men all the time, especially those who want to sleep with me. This was no different except that the feeling was mutual. It soon started raining again. Vehicles were not moving at all. Traffic in Nairobi becomes a double nightmare when it rains. I had thoughts in my mind. Dirt wild thoughts.
I unfastened my seat belt and turned facing him, one minute I was kissing him and the next I was gagging on his pipe. Okay, I love car blowjobs, their climax is something out of this world, you have got to include it in your bucket list.
But why am I like this? I don’t even know this guy that well and already he is moaning my name in his car? What would mama say if she found out? Well, not that she is ever going to find out but, why am I like this?
It took him a few minutes to catch his breath and clean the thick mess on his jeans. An hour and we were still in traffic.
“I’m taking you home with me.”
I looked at my watch, I couldn’t, in as much as I wanted to, I had to go home and spend time with my son.
“I want to go home with you Joe, but not today.”
“You have started a fire that needs to be put out.”
“Trust me, my fire is just as fiery as you can imagine.”
“But your son..”
“Okay, allow me to take you home then. Your home.”
I wanted to refuse but he looked at me the way he did the first time and I found myself agreeing.
Two hours later, he was at my gate.
“I know, one day you will let me in. When you are ready.”
He brushed his lips against mine and got out, it was still drizzling, he opened the door for me, when I got out, he hugged me so tight I could feel his soul seep into mine.
“I will be thinking about you.”
“You’d better be.”
A second later, he was gone. I took a deep breath and opened the gate. Time to be mummy, but what about my desires?……….

Diana Mosoba

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