The Mechanic

The mechanic part 8

On Wednesday evening, i had dinner with the company guests from India at Sankara, It was my boss who was supposed to accompany them but something came up and a colleague and i were told to go instead. I called Joe to let him know.

”I will come pick you up when done with your dinner.”

”No need babe, my colleague will drop me.”

He was quite for a few seconds,

”Okay, enjoy your dinner.”

”Can i bring you some food?”

”No, i will cook for myself, don’t bother.”


”I don’t want you to keep your colleague waiting, have a good one.”

He was upset alright, but why? This was just dinner with our suppliers, nothing else. I shrugged it off and closed my office. My colleague and the guests were already downstairs waiting for me. We used my colleagues’ car. I swear Joe was watching me from somewhere but i did not see him. I shrugged off the feeling and got ready to have a good evening, like i always did.

Being single comes with a lot of freedom. Freedom to do whatever you want to do without having to explain to anyone or justifying yourself. But here i was, a grown ass woman with a son explaining herself to a man. I took a deep breath and pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind. Sankara is just not any hotel, i had every intention of making the most out of it.

Our dinner went well. We had fun, a lot of fun talking about other stuff other than work. We ate and i had a really expensive bottle of wine all to myself. At some point we even danced to some music. It was one of those serene evenings that your soul is rewarded with good food, excellent wine and perfect music. I was going home to some loving too, what a way to end my day. I wished my Joe was there, you know, it could have been perfect, but it was not possible. However, that did not stop me from having fun.

When it was time to leave, my colleague held my hand and led me out, we were not getting cosy or anything, i was just overly tipsy. When we got to the parking lot, Joe was there. He came forward and pushed my colleague aside and protectively held my waist.

” What the hell?”

”Oh babe, you are here.”

”What is going on here?”

”Nothing, he was going to drop me home, that’s all.”

My colleague Paul stepped forward.

”Relax man, i was just going to drop her home, nothing much.”

”I haven’t spoken to you.”

”What’s your problem anyway?”

”You think i don’t see how you look at her? Pretending to buy her lunch and stuff?”

”Whoa! Diana is my colleague, chill out now.”

”You chill out, Paul.”

The two men were going at each other and if my tipsy self didn’t intervene, they were going to fight. But why was he so upset.

I turned to him, i was getting embarrassed by his behaviour.

”Babe, can we just go home, please.”

”Maybe your little colleague can drop you.”

”What’s wrong with you?”

”What’s wrong with me?”

He laughed and pulled me to his car. Good thing our guests were not here to witness this.

”Joe, i don’t like this.”

”What? I see, you’d rather Paul drives you home, right? And maybe come in for a few minutes?”

”He was going to drive me to your place.”

”Then maybe you could have done a quick one in the car.”

”How dare you?”

We were attracting a few people, he opened the door and practically put me inside. I was now sober and very upset.

”I ain’t going nowhere with your childidh ass, i am going home.”

”You are coming with me.”

He got into the car and sped off leaving Paul in a cloud of dust.

The whole ride home was full of arguments. He did not trust me at all. He had no faith in me. I had not given him any reason not to trust me.

When we got home, i refused to leave his car, i was not going to spend another minute of my time with an angry man.

He opened the door and carried me out, he flung me on his shoulder like you would a chiild. Once in the elevator, he set me down.

”I am not doing this with you, Joe, i can’t.”

He was breathing like an agitated bull, his eyes red and a few veins popping on his head. He practically dragged me from the elevator to the house.

”You don’t own me Joe, you are not my husband, I can go out with anyone that i want and i can fuck anybody that i want to.”

He took off his jacket and the next thing i felt was a hot slap on my face. I was stunned for a few seconds as the reality of what just happened hit home. A second slap and a third. I staggered back and held my hands protectively over my face. I felt tears well up, i had no will to stop them so i let them fall at will.

He walked and stopped in front of me and sank to his knees and held my legs,

”Baby i am so sorry. Forgive me for hitting you, hit me, come on babe, hit me too.”

I was too shocked to react, no man had ever hit me, not even my dad.

Joe knew my weak point. He got up and kissed my tears, i tried to push him away but it did not stop him.

He kissed my neck, and drew me closer to him, i buried my tear stained face on his chest. He raised my face with his hands, there were tears in his eyes. I don’t know if it’s the tears or the look of remorse that i saw that melted my heart.

He turned me around and made me bend over the couch. His hands cupped my boobs, i was giving in, submitting to his touch and yearning for more. He pulled over my dress, i felt his hot tears on my bare back. He dropped his pants and took me slowly, drawing me closer to him until he fully filled me. It was furious fucking for the both of us, releasing pressured moans, hard thrusts that drove it all out. I held on to the couch with my strength and might. He thrust faster and faster, sweat and tears falling on my back until we he collapsed on me, from exhaustion. We stayed there for a few minutes before he finally rolled off. I was exhausted and my face hurt.

he took my hand and led me to the carpet, we sat down our backs resting on the couch.

”I don’t know what came over me, i am really sorry for hitting you.”

I had nothing to say, i could not find the right words to say.

”Baby please say something, it will never happen again.”

I felt a fresh wave of tears and i did not hold back. I curled up, my knees to my chest and hugged myself as the tears fell. I had just fucked the man who hit me.

”Diana please, i am begging you, please forgive me. I was just so jealous.”

He knelt in front of me and wiped my tears.

”Please stop crying.”

It was more of a whisper.

”Okay, i am going to go take a shower.”

I got up and took off the remaining of my clothes and went to his bathroom. He followed me.

”Please let me shower with you.”

He was pleading and i did not have the heart to say no to him.

It had also started raining.

His bathroom was very clean, the white tiles were spotless. On the corner was a rack with a few shower gel bottles, bar soaps and a few towels.

I picked the nivea shower gel with lavender scents and poured it on his back, i opened the shower a little for the water and soap to lather.

He was facing the wall his hands spread out, i pressed my titties against his back as i moved up and down almost in rhythm with the rain as it pounded the window. I moved my soap infested hands across his chest rubbing and massaging him. I massaged him to the blood, i was almost massaging his soul. He opened the shower again and the warm water hit my back with a burning sensation.

He turned and faced me as he also poured some shower gel on me, he moved his hands spreading the gel to every part of my body. He asked me to turn as he bent on my back making me to bend as well. I was almost touching the floor when he gently slid into me from behind. He cupped my boobs as he thrust still bent on me, our bodies cling to each other as the warm water spattered on our backs. The rain drowned our loud moans as he pushed in and out holding on to my thighs tightly, he spanked, clang and thrust like his dear life depended on it. His grib tightened as he released his seed into me. I felt his member become flaccid as he pulled out and pulled me close to him standing below the shower. We let the water fall on us for a few minutes before he turned off the shower and threw me a towel as i followed him to the bedroom.

He handed me a clean t-shirt, we got into bed and fell asleep almost immediately. All the day’s worry quickly forgotten.


Diana Mosoba

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